Kathryn Douthit

Kathryn Douthit

Counseling & Human Development
PhD, University of Rochester
MS, University of Rochester (counseling)
MA, University at Buffalo, State University of New York (microbiology and immunology)
BA, (biology)

Kathryn Douthit is a counselor educator who joined the Warner School in 2001 with a scholarly background and career experiences that encouraged her to bridge the worlds of social and biological sciences. Douthit thinks it is crucial to bring together the literatures of science and counseling to form one coherent statement about their relationship that both disciplines can digest and accept.

In her earliest academic and professional experiences, she devoted more than a dozen years to earning degrees in science, teaching undergraduate biology and mathematics courses, working in a tutoring program for medical school students in medical microbiology, and conducting research for use in various federal substance abuse prevention programs.

Through her academic work and career experiences, she has become increasingly interested in the relationship between neuroscience and counseling, and on the neurological changes that can result from effective counseling. As a division counselor in the department of math, science, and allied health at Harrisburg Area Community College, she provided personal and career counseling and academic advising to science and mathematics students.

Her research and doctoral education have produced articles and professional presentations on subjects as complex and diverse as an ecological view of attention deficit disorder, academic failure among gifted students, understanding the relationship between counseling and psychiatric genetics, the inequality of the aging experience, and a critical view of contemporary dementia care.

EDU564 Contemporary Trends in Mental Health, Appraisal, Intervention and Research
EDU466 Problem Identification and Intervention in Counseling I
EDU565 Research in Life Course Studies
EDU479 Promoting Mental Health in Midlife and Old Age
ED563 Counseling & Human Development Dissertation Proposal Seminar
ED565 Counseling & Human Development Dissertation Seminar II
ED561B Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 1B
ED561C Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 1C
ED562A Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 2A
ED562B Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 2B
ED562C Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 2C
ED561A Counseling & Human Development Doctoral Cohort Seminar 1A
ED564 Counseling & Human Development Dissertation Seminar I
EDU494 Adult Development and Aging
ED566 Counseling and Human Development Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Seminar