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Edward Brockenbrough

Edward Brockenbrough

Associate Professor
Teaching & Curriculum
LeChase Hall 450
(585) 275-5053
PhD, University of Pennsylvania (Foundations and Practices of Education)
MS Ed, University of Pennsylvania (Foundations and Practices of Education)
BA, Brown University (American Civilizations)

Ed Brockenbrough is an Associate Professor of Teaching and Curriculum. His research focuses on negotiations of identity, pedagogy, and power in urban educational spaces, particularly through the lenses of Black masculinity studies and queer of color critique. Brockenbrough's most recent study was an ethnography of an HIV/AIDS prevention center that operated as an alternative, culturally responsive pedagogical space for LGBT youth of color. He is currently launching a new study, with funding from the University of Rochester’s Center for AIDS Research, on the sexual engagements of networked technologies by young Black men who have sex with men (The SENT Study). Prior research projects have included an examination of the challenges and opportunities encountered by Black male teachers in secondary, predominantly minority, urban schools and a comparison of the role modeling experiences of Black, Latino, and White male teachers. His work has appeared in several journals and edited anthologies, including a special issue of Curriculum Inquiry on “Queers of Color and Anti-Oppressive Knowledge Production,” for which he served as co-editor.

Brockenbrough also directs the Urban Teaching and Leadership Program, a Warner School initiative that prepares urban teachers with a commitment to social justice. Additionally, he teaches master’s and doctoral courses on concepts and issues in social science research, gender and sexual justice in schools, topics in teaching and schooling for pre-service teachers, and diversity and social justice in American education. Beyond Warner, he provides professional development for local K-12 educators on LGBT issues in schools.

Prior to joining the Warner School in 2009, Brockenbrough taught graduate courses to pre-service teachers and Teach for America cohort members through the teacher preparation program at the University of Pennsylvania, and he evaluated a range of school reform initiatives as a staff member at Research for Action, a nonprofit educational research organization in Philadelphia. He is also a former college admission officer and a former middle and high school history teacher.
Selected Publications
Brockenbrough, E. (2015). Queer of color agency in educational contexts: Analytic frameworks from a queer of color critique. Educational Studies, 51(1), 28-44.
Brockenbrough, E. (2014). Becoming queerly responsive: Culturally responsive pedagogy for Black and Latino urban queer youth. Urban Education, doi: 10.1177/0042085914549261.

Brockenbrough, E. (2014). Further mothering: Reconceptualizing white women educators’ work with black youth. Equity & Excellence in Education, 47(3), 253-272.

Brockenbrough, E. (2014). "The discipline stop": Black male teachers and the politics of urban school discipline. Education and Urban Society, 1-24. doi: 10.1177/0013124514530154.

Brockenbrough, E. (2013). Introduction to the special issue: Queers of color and anti-oppressive knowledge production. Curriculum Inquiry, 43(4), 426-440.
Marquez, R., & Brockenbrough, E. (2013). Queer youth v. the state of California: Interrogating legal discourses on the rights of queer students of color. Curriculum Inquiry, 43(4), 461-482.
Brockenbrough, E. (2013). Educating the race in postmodern times: The intraracial border crossings of Black male teachers. In C.W. Lewis & I.A. Toldson (Eds.), Black male teachers: Diversifying the United States’ teacher workforce (pp. 25-42). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing.
Brockenbrough, E., & Boatwright, T. (2013). In the MAC: Creating safe spaces for transgender youth of color. In K. Jocson (Ed.), Cultural transformations: Youth and pedagogies of possibility (pp. 165-182). Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.
Brockenbrough, E. (2012). Agency and abjection in the closet: The voices (and silences) of Black queer male teachers. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 25(6), 741-765.
Brockenbrough, E. (2012). Emasculation blues: Black male teachers’ perspectives on gender and power in the teaching profession. Teachers College Record, 114(5), 1-43.
Brockenbrough, E. (2012). “You ain’t my daddy!”: Black male teachers and the politics of surrogate fatherhood. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 16(4), 357-372.

2/9/2017 Queering Sexy B(l)ack: Queer Youth and Pedagogies of Sexual Agency
10/17/2016 Brockenbrough to Speak in University of Delaware's School of Education Series
10/19/2012 Experts Address HIV/AIDS Crisis Among African Americans

Research Projects
The SENT Study 

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