Resources for Faculty and Staff - Office of Communications

The Office of Communications is eager to publicize your events, accomplishments, activities, programs, and publications.
As soon as you know the details, share them with us.  We can either implement a tried-and-true publicity plan or craft something unique to meet your needs.  To request assistance or submit news, please use one of the following forms:
News Submission Form
Event Publicity Request Form
Photography Request Form
News/Media Relations
We invite you to share a story idea for a feature or news for a press release or press coverage.  Requests for stories, press leases and press coverage should be made using the News Submission Form or contact Theresa Danylak in communications for consultation on the best way to share news at Warner and beyond.  If you have been approached by the media or want to submit opinion pieces to the media and want assistance from Communications, please contact Theresa Danylak.
Web Updates
Email Chris Penders with updates to the website.  Please consider whether the changes may affect links or other areas of the website, and make note of those as well.
Design Services
The Office of Communications provides design services for targeted efforts related to marketing, recruiting, fundraising, and publicizing public events.  Please direct your requests as follows:
  • Events: Requests for design services related to events should be made using the Event Publicity Request Form.
  • Admissions marketing materials: Requests for the development of new Admissions marketing material should go through the Office of Admissions for prioritization and review before coming to Communications.  Routine updates to admissions marketing pieces can go directly to Chris Penders in Communications.
  • Other: Please direct requests for other design projects to Laura Brophy in Communications.
Please note that Communications does not provide design services for educational aids for classroom use, conference posters, small-run invitations or other non-marketing collateral materials related to individual projects and programs. 

Photography Services
We invite you to let us know when something interesting is happening in a class, at an event, on campus, or in the community, and we’ll do our best to get there.
The Warner School does not have a dedicated staff photographer.  Professional photography support from staff and freelancers is limited and generally prioritized for activities and events with strong visual appeal that have news and marketing significance, and where the images can be used in a variety of media and publications in the future.   But please, let us know what’s going on, and we’ll let you know whether we can make it.
Please note that the Communications Office has made a camera available to borrow on a short-term basis in the Administrative Support Office.  We invite submissions of photos taken by faculty, staff and students for use in the Warner Word and other media.
Photography Request Form
Submit a Photo
Support for events sponsored by faculty, departments and programs is handled by the Administrative Support Office.  Please contact Pam Kaptein to request support, secure locations, and arrange details related to events. 
The Office of Communications welcomes the opportunity to work with faculty and students at any stage in the planning process to provide advice on planning events that will maximize attendance and opportunities for publicity and visibility.  Contact Laura Brophy for a consult.
Once details for an event are finalized, please use the Event Publicity Request Form to request posters and other publicity related to your event.
If you have an event that you think has the potential for school-wide or significant community appeal and impact, please let Laura Brophy know at the earliest planning stages.  While logistical support remains in the Administrative Support Office, there may be opportunities for sponsorship of a select number of special opportunity events, with the potential for extra funding from the Dean’s Office and extra support from the Office of Communications.
Business Cards
Faculty and staff should contact Finance to order business cards. 
Doctoral students may purchase business cards for professional use at conferences and/or related to their study at Warner.  Students must be currently enrolled to order cards.

Business Card Request Form for Doctoral Students

  • Windows users
    • Open the Microsoft Word .DOT file below in Word.
    • Choose FILE > SAVE AS from the top menu and save the file as a Document Template. By default the file is saved in your Templates folder.
    • Close the file.
    • To create a new document using your template file, choose FILE > NEW from the top menu and select TEMPLATES > ON MY COMPUTER. Select your desktop letterhead template from the list.
  • Mac users
    • Open the Microsoft Word .DOT file below in Word.
    • Choose FILE > SAVE AS from the top menu and save the file as a Document Template. By default the file is saved to your My Templates folder.
    • Close the file.
    • To open this file, choose FILE > PROJECT GALLERY and select NEW pane. Select MY TEMPLATES from the list on the left, and then select your desktop letterhead template from the list on the right.

Warner electronic letterhead in MSWord
Instructions to create the necessary PDF files of your finished letter from Word are contained within the attached .DOT file.
Logos and Style Guide
The University has clearly defined graphic standards related to the use of the University of Rochester logo, the University seal, and the Warner School unit mark.  All faculty and staff are expected to follow these standards. (Helpful tip: Hold the shift key when resizing graphics to prevent distortion.) There is also a University Style Guide.

Warner logo 1
Warner logo 2