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ED412 Sociology of Education
ED429 Theories of Human Development
ED453 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
ED481 School, Family, and Community Relations
ED483 Communication and Counseling Skills for Teachers, Administrators, and Other Helping Professionals
ED513 Academic Writing for Educators
EDU416 Understanding and Managing Conflict in Professional Organizations
EDU497 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Health Care Settings
ED466 Leading Change
ED516 Designing and Evaluating Professional Development
ED468 Leadership in Urban Schools
ED461 The Politics of Education
ED432 Professional Writing and Communications
EDU446 Entrepreneurial Skills for Educators
EDU447 Grant Writing and Other Funding Strategies for Educators
ED440 Urban Teaching & Leadership Seminar 1A
EDU455 Policy and Practice in Developmental Differences
ED441 Urban Teaching and Leadership Seminar 1B
ED515 Writing for Journal Publication
ED436 How Universities Work
ED437 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
EDF444 Field Experiences in American Higher Education (variable credits)
EDU414 American Educational and Linguistic Practices
EDU580 Foundations of Health Professions Education
EDU581 Clinical Teaching in Health Care Professions Education: Teaching and Instructional Methods
EDE422 Motivation in Human Development
EDE440 LGBTQ Issues in Education and Human Development
EDE429 Informal Learning - Informal Education
EDE453 Post-Secondary Transition for Youth with Significant Disabilities
EDE446 Introduction to Urban Education
EDE484 Online Teaching and Learning
EDE486 Designing Online Courses
EDF448 Field Experience in Academic Program
EDE434 Master's Academic Writing
EDE401 Introduction to U.S. Education
EDE436 Diversity and Equity in Education
EDE410 Learning in the Digital Age
EDE531 Globalization, Education and Societies
EDE470 Topics in Online Teaching
EDE489 Digital Conversion in K-12 Schools
EDE474 Faculty Online Teaching Preparation Sequence
EDE484A Digitally-Rich Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools
EDF469 K-12 Tutoring Strategies
EDF472 Online Practicum Project
EDE481 Practical Knowledge and Skills for Research in Health and Education
EDE532 Dewey, Democracy, and Globalization
EDE545E Implementing STEM Coaching I
EDE533 Doctoral Seminar in Urban Education
EDE545F Implementing STEM Coaching II
EDE545G Implementing STEM Coaching III
EDE499 Masters Intent to Graduate
EDE420 Introduction to Video Production for Educational Research
EDE536A Teacher Leadership Seminar A
EDE536B Teacher Leadership Seminar B
EDE536C Teacher Leadership Seminar C
EDE425 Introduction to Video Editing for Educational Research
ED526 Foundations of Data Visualization
ED519 Literacy Across the Curriculum
ED515A The Social Practices of Academic Journal Publishing
ED515B Writing an Academic Journal Article
ED515C Responding to Feedback and Revising a Journal Manuscript
EDU582 Contemporary Issues in Health Professions Education