Educational Leadership Courses

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Higher Education

ED413 Student Affairs Administration: Academic Support Services
ED430 College Retention: Theory, Research, and Practice
EDE430 Global Issues in Higher Education
ED433 Student Affairs Administration: Admissions and Financial Aid
ED434 Student Affairs Administration: Minority Student Affairs
EDE435 Service-Learning, Higher Education, and the Public Good
ED436 How Universities Work
ED437 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
EDE437 Diversity and Equity in Health Professions Education
EDE461 Master's Culminating Requirement: Higher Education
ED467 Student Affairs Administration: International Student Affairs
ED475 Leadership and Management in Higher Education
ED476 Administration of Student Affairs in Higher Education
ED479 Human Capital Management in Higher Education
EDE479 Assessment, Accreditation and Accountability in Higher Education
ED482 Technology and Higher Education
ED484 Student Affairs Administration: Residential Life
ED485 College Students and Student Development Theory
EDE485 Student Affairs Administration: Student Activities and Fraternity/Sorority Affairs
EDU485 College Access and (In)Equity
EDE487 The Role and Function of the American Community College in Higher Education
EDU490 Higher Education Law
EDU492 Governance, Policy, and Administration of Higher Education
EDU493 History of Higher Education
EDU496 Fiscal Issues in Higher Education
EDE497 Title Anti-Racist Curriculum Development in Higher Education
EDU576 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education


The following internships can take place in any semester under the supervision of a faculty member in educational leadership. Each internship needs to be individually arranged through the faculty advisor(s) involved and the cooperating educational organization.

EDF497 Supervised Internship in Higher Education (variable credits)
EDF498 Supervised Internship in Educational Administration (variable credits)