EDU432 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Social Studies

Focuses on how secondary students draw from historical, political, and geographic subject matter to think, learn, and interact, and emphasizes the importance of students’ thinking and learning to reflective social studies teaching practice. Explores contested perspectives on what social studies teaching and curriculum should entail, and what the social and intellectual consequences of adolescents’ social studies learning experiences ought to be. As the first in a sequence of subject matter methods courses, this course introduces teaching candidates to conceptual frameworks and strategies for planning, implementing, and assessing social studies learning experiences. A key priority throughout this course is on preparing teachers to build democratic-participatory learning communities, where discussions of controversial historical and political issues are valued and reinforced. (Meets content-pedagogy requirement for professional teaching certification).

Credits: 3
Offered: Fall
Prerequisites: [EDU 442 recommended]
Restrictions: Pre-service teachers must take this course concurrently with the 100-hour field experience
EDU 432 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Social Studies course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.