EDE565 Social and Emotional Development

Provides an overview of issues in social and emotional development. Schools and the family, however defined, provide primary socialization contexts through the early life span. As such, they are key to understanding the origins of children’s adaptive and maladaptive psychological, emotional, and interpersonal outcomes. Understanding the impact of these contexts on child development has become an increasingly pressing social concern. This course addresses the current empirical, theoretical, and clinical directions in the study of social and emotional development, with a focus on family and school relationships through adolescence and early adulthood. Developmental psychopathology, ecological systems theory, and self-determination theory provide primary lenses through which these issues are explored. Enrollment is limited to doctoral students, and, by instructor permission, to advanced master’s students. Students must successfully complete ED 429, or the equivalent, before taking this course.

Credits: 3.0
Offered: Spring (even)
Prerequisites: ED429
Restrictions: Permission of Instructor
EDE 565 Social and Emotional Development course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.