EDE484 Online Teaching and Learning

Provides masters-level and doctoral-level students with an introduction to the theory and practice of online teaching and learning, with a focus on higher education and professional development. Students in this course will have the opportunity to personally experience various forms of online learning, and use these shared experiences to examine the potential and limitations of each for diverse learners; they will benefit from the wisdom of practice shared by a number of guest speakers who have engaged in various forms of online teaching; and they will also learn from developing an applied project around online teaching that links theory with practice. By the end of this course students will have a foundation for designing and delivering online learning modules in a way that supports student engagement, student reflection, and active instructor involvement.

Credits: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring, SummerA&B
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
EDE 484 Online Teaching and Learning course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.