EDE461 Master's Culminating Requirement: Higher Education

All Higher Education students are required to complete a culminating experience to graduate, either by writing a Master's thesis/paper (0 to 3 credit hours) or passing a comprehensive examination (0 credits) near the end of their program. Students choosing the thesis/paper option can complete it using the spring semester cohort-based seminar or while registering for ED 493 Master's Research hours and working with their advisor or other Higher Education faculty member any term toward the end of their degree program. Those choosing the comprehensive examination can arrange the examination with their advisor during their final semester. An "S" (satisfactory) grade for EDE 461 indicates completion of the culminating requirement.

Credits: 0-3
Offered: Fall, Spring, SummerA&B
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
EDE 461 Master's Culminating Requirement: Higher Education course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.