EDE417 Crisis Counseling and Disaster Mental Health

Examines the crisis counseling and disaster mental health field with an emphasis on improving the well-being (mental health) of those who are survivors or extended survivors of a crisis event or disaster. The objective of the course is to address the psychological reactions and human response to crisis and the appropriate responses of mental health professionals to these events. Topics covered include: crisis and disaster management; disaster theory and models; and post-trauma interventions such as psychological first aid, psychological triage, and emergency trauma treatment protocols. Addresses the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of crisis/disaster-related issues, such as stress, acute stress disorder, acute crisis episodes, trauma, and PTSD. Investigates current evidence-based practice and research in crisis/disaster mental health, and addresses the role of the counseling professional in the development, training, and care of an effective crisis team and the development of community resources.

Credits: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring
Prerequisites: [EDU 450 or EDU 472 suggested]
Restrictions: Restricted to counseling students or other mental health professionals (with permission of instructor)
EDE 417 Crisis Counseling and Disaster Mental Health course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.