ED568 Conducting Research Using Secondary Data

Secondary data analysis describes an approach to research in which investigators ask empirical questions using a data set created by someone else for another primary purpose. Often such data sets are available from large studies that would not be feasible to conduct independently. Use of secondary data brings unique opportunities and challenges. The course provides doctoral students with the knowledge and skills to use high-quality secondary data analysis in their research agendas. The course emphasizes application, with students completing an empirical research paper that could lead to a conference presentation and/or publishable paper. Topics include: finding and evaluating sources of secondary data; data cleaning, management, and preparation; handling missing data; and sampling design and weights. Students are supported to become an expert in at least one secondary data set and to complete an empirical research project that could lead to a paper of publishable quality.

Credits: 3
Offered: Spring (even)
Prerequisites: ED506, ED504, and ED506
Restrictions: None
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