ED515C Responding to Feedback and Revising a Journal Manuscript

In this module, students learn about understanding gatekeeper feedback, the different possible dispositions for their manuscript, and their options for revising and communicating with gatekeepers. They will either bring in the feedback they have received from journal gatekeepers or explore feedback samples provided by the instructor. Students will learn strategies for managing the emotional reactions that can come with ‘negative’ feedback, use a table format to deconstruct the feedback and plan their revisions, and learn how to communicate appropriately with journal gatekeepers.
Ideally, this module would be offered some months after students have submitted manuscripts to journals, but the uneven timelines of journals’ responses may make this impractical in the face of scheduling constraints.

Credits: 1
Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
ED 515C Responding to Feedback and Revising a Journal Manuscript course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.