ED515B Writing an Academic Journal Article

For this course, students should have available either an existing manuscript or emerging findings (dissertation, proposal, or other research), from which to draft an article manuscript or revise a manuscript in progress. Ideally, students will have already taken ED515 or ED515A. The course will cover planning a publishing agenda from a larger project such as a dissertation. To this end, students will select three options for target journals, in order of importance related to their goals for a particular manuscript. The course will then also help students craft the focus of the article’s argument in relation to the ‘conversations’ taking place in a specific journal, align their paper with the journal’s guidelines (length, format, referencing style, etc.), and work on components of the paper, depending on the stage of their manuscripts. The course will also help students understand how to identify “literacy brokers” who can support the production of manuscripts. Students will also engage in important submission practices such as writing an inquiry letter and a cover letter.

Credits: 1
Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: None
ED 515B Writing an Academic Journal Article course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.