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Page link printed 10/17/2018

Horizons at Warner: Enrichment Program for RCSD Students in Grades K-8
An enrichment program that engages K-8 Rochester City School District students in meaningful and authentic learning experiences through a six-week summer program on campus and ongoing engagement throughout the year. 

Genesee Valley Writing Project
This collaborative school-university partnership seeks to improve the teaching and learning of writing in PK-16 schools across the Genesee Valley region through a teachers-teaching-teachers professional development model. Highlights include summer institutes for teachers and a writing camp for youth in grades 6-12.

Noyce Master Teaching Fellows (MTF) Project
NSF-funded parternship centered on transforming math and science teaching and learning by effectively integrating and supporting instructional technology into K-12 classrooms in six local school districts.

Project ENGOAL:  Engaging Older Adult Learners as Health Researchers
Collaborative community project designed to develop patient partners to help shape current and future geriatric research, as well as clinical services.

Project SyncOn: Online Professional Learning for Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers in Rural Contexts
This NSF-funded project provides teachers in rural school districts access to innovative online professional learning experiences in mathematics, and studies the online activities to better understand the limitations and benefits.

Project REBUILD-VL: A Resilience-Building Intervention to Prevent Late-Life Depression with Vision Loss
This project aims to strengthens the capacity of older adults with vision loss to cope with current and future problems in order to prevent new depression symptoms and reduce current symptoms.

Cognitive Training to Protect Immune Systems of Older Caregivers
This study tests the effectiveness and mechanisms of cognitive training for spousal caregivers of patients with dementia in protecting against chronic stress-induced aging of the immune system.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Family Caregivers of Dementia Patients
This study seeks to identify the role of mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) training in enhancing adaptive immune responses and influenza infection in older dementia caregivers.

Neurophysiological Aspects of Vision-Based Speed of Processing Cognitive Training in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment
This study examines the effectiveness of a vision-based cognitive training module for improving cognition among older adults with mild cognitive impairment. 

Nathaniel Rochester Community School Partnership in STEM Education
A partnership with School No. 3, which is in the process of transitioning into a STEM magnet school, providing coaching and professional learning to build capacity to provide students with high-quality STEM experiences.

Project READ: A Literacy Program for At-Risk Students
A partnership with Rochester’s School 33, with a focus on first graders, providing tutoring services, in-class-support, professional development, and family literacy activities.

Freedom Schools as Settings for Youth Development: Identifying Community-Based Assets and Accountability Criteria
This case study examines varied forms of cultural capital as indicators/criteria for youth development grounded in community goals and standards for their school-aged children. 

Constructive Clinical Supervision
Professional development designed to provide readers of the book Constructive Clinical Supervision by Douglas A. Guiffrida with an opportunity to earn continuing education credit for the learning they engaged in through reading the book

East High School Partnership
In partnership with the East High community and other units in the University, Warner has assumed a leadership role in an extensive school transformation effort designed to improve outcomes for students and build a healthy and effective learning community.

Freedom Market Transformation Project
A community partnership and collaborative participatory action reseach project, it aims to transform and rebuild one of Rochester’s most impoverished communities and critically and holistically address the complexities with community urban transformation.

Project CELLS: Western New York Collaboration for English Language Learner Success
Completed in 2018, community-wide collaboration to improve outcomes for English language learners by increasing teachers with TESOL certification, professional development, and curriculum for refugee and immigrant students.

Get Real! Science
Get Real! Science is Warner's science teacher preparation program designed to engage students in real science through an inquiry-based approach. The program includes a comprehensive research program and community outreach initiatives: the Get Real! Environmental Action Camp and Science STARS.

Leadership Coaching Certificate Program
A partnership between the Warner Center and Ramerman Leadership Group, leadership coaching assists the leader in developing specific leadership skills, enhances individual effectiveness, and ultimately secures organizational performance. 

Department Chairs: School Leadership's Missing Link
This study strives to frame the skills that secondary school department chairs need to manage effectively their programs.

The Hidden Cost of School Security
This study examines how much districts spend on security, how they use those resources, and the extent to which spending differs across districts. 

Motivation and College Success
This work is expanding the cultural motivation theory model to incorporate cultural orientations to explain students’ intent to persist and GPA.

Research Evidence in Struggling Schools
This study explores the organizational learning processes of schools designated as needing improvement under No Child Left Behind, focusing on the acquisition and use of different types of research evidence as part of that learning process, as well as the extent to which social networks support or constrain these school improvement efforts.

Publishing Engineering Writing: Access and Participation in Professional Practices
This study investigates how engineers write for publication and how students and post-docs learn the professional practices related to disseminating research findings.

Urban-Suburban Student Transfer Program Study
This study examines Rochester’s Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program, a voluntarily program designed to reduce racial isolation in elementary and secondary schools of New York State by allowing interdisct transfers.