students waving to a busload of children


As part of the University of Rochester, a top-ranked research university, a key difference of the Warner School is the quality of our faculty and our combined commitment to research and the preparation of practitioners and scholars. Renowned researchers and educational leaders, Warner faculty are changing the face of education and our understanding of human development through their work.
Our scholars come together from a wide array of disciplines and backgrounds, bringing a diverse set of research tools and methodologies to their teaching, community work, and research. Faculty at Warner take on a variety of roles.  All are committed teachers, working closely with students. While many make great contributions to research and better understanding the fields in which we work, others focus more on various projects and initiatives in the community and beyond that promote change and improve schools, agencies, and communities.
Increasingly, faculty are combining those passions for research and community and are involved in community-engaged scholarship, working alongside with community partners as co-researchers, rather than subjects, to better understand the dynamics at play and gain new knowledge that will benefit the community.