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University of Rochester, Warner School Program Plan of Study
M.S. in Professional Study: Middle Childhood & Adolescence Education
(Mathematics, w/spec. in Urban Teaching & Leadership)[PM8]
(as of 08/21/2013)(This program is no longer used for new students or graduates.)
Leading to the following NYS Certification:
  • Professional teaching certification in the original area of certification
         See for important certification information.

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NOTE: Program requirements and related program of study forms may change over time as a result of our commitment to ongoing curriculum improvement. Students are expected to follow the most recent guidelines in preparing their program of study for approval. Please make sure this form reflects the most recent updates.

The following set of courses and other requirements have been approved by:
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Course Requirements:
This section of your program of study will identify the courses you need to take in order to complete your program. Required courses, available choices, and guidelines for selecting electives, have already been filled in for your convenience.
To complete this section, you need to do the following (after meeting with your advisor to discuss these decisions):
  1. Whenever there is a choice, please mark your selection. All courses and electives counted toward a Warner graduate degree must be at the graduate level. For electives, write in the course numbers and titles you have selected. Please note that these decisions should always be made in consultation with your advisor.
  2. For each course, indicate in the To Be Taken column the semester and year (e.g., F17; Sp18; Su18) when you plan to take that course. For your convenience, whenever a course has prerequisites, these are listed in square brackets following the title of the course. An asterisk will indicate that the prerequisite could also be taken concurrently with the course and two asterisks will indicate that the prerequisite is only recommended-not required.
  3. For courses you have already completed, if any, please report the grade you earned in the course. If the course was taken at the Warner School prior to your matriculation, indicate that by writing R in the first column. If the course was taken outside the Warner School prior to matriculation, indicate that by writing T in the first column and attach supporting documentation (e.g., relevant transcripts, a note explaining why you think the course should be transferred into your program, and the course description and syllabus when requested).
  4. Restrictions about transfer/retroactive credits:
    • Your request for transfer/retroactive credits (identified by a T or R in the first column) will need to be reviewed and approved by your advisor, program chair, and associate dean of graduate studies.
    • Transfer/retroactive credits are granted for graduate level coursework taken in the last 5 years prior to matriculation for master's students and in the last 10 years prior to matriculation for doctoral students. Exceptions may be made only in cases where the student can provide alternative evidence of having kept current with the field/content addressed in courses taken outside these time limits.
    • Transfer credits are usually not granted for required courses.
    • Retroactive credits taken by University of Rochester undergraduates may count toward this program only if they were taken above and beyond the minimum 128 credits required for the completion of an undergraduate degree and were taken at the graduate level.
    • Transfer/retroactive credits are only granted for graduate level courses with a grade of B or higher.
    • No transfer credits will be granted for courses taken AFTER matriculation into our program.
PM8 Courses:



1. Students are expected to complete the program part-time in three years, while teaching in an urban setting.

2. Students are expected to take the Urban Teaching & Leadership core courses in the following secquence:
- EDU442 - Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in American Education should be taken as soon as possible in the program.
- EDE446 - Introduction to Urban Education should be taken before you take the Urban Teaching & Leadership (UTL) seminars (ED440 & ED441).
- The UTL seminars (ED440 & ED441) should be taken before you take ED468 - Leadership in Urban Schools.

3. Students who already have extensive urban teaching experience may opt to substitute the 1-credit "Introduction to Urban Education" course with another 1-credit hour mini-course or independent study, in consultation with their advisor.

4. Graduate students taking 200-level courses receive 3 graduate credits (instead of 4 undergraduate credits). Most of the courses offered in the College are offered during the school day during the Fall and Spring semesters; therefore, students should consider their availability during the school day if they choose to take content-pedagogy or elective courses outside of the Warner School.

Other Requirements and/or Certification Requirements:
This section of your program of study will identify what you need to accomplish, in addition to the coursework indicated in the previous section, in order to graduate and receive the certification(s)/licensure you are seeking (if any). Please note that in some cases, while our program will provide you with all the academic experiences required for the certification/licensure you are seeking, there may be some additional requirements to complete independently and outside of our program in order to be granted that certification/licensure (e.g., completing a certain number of years of mentored experiences). When that is the case, we have listed these requirements, but have indicated that they are not graduation requirements.
To complete this section, please indicate next to each requirement the semester and year when you expect to fulfill that requirement or, if you have already completed the requirement, the actual date of completion (also attaching relevant documentation as evidence).

PM8 Optional Enhancements
NOTE: Before the University of Rochester can recommend you for any of the additional certifications described below, all the required courses and internships for the basic program will need to be completed as well as the additional requirements specific to each additional certification.

Academic Policies
The academic policies below are important policies that relate to your program of study. For more information on academic policies, please review the Registrar's Web page and the University of Rochester Graduate Studies Bulletin.

Incomplete Grades:
Students may receive a grade of "Incomplete" (I) only by arrangement with the instructor and with the completion of the Incomplete Grade Agreement . Failure to make such arrangements will lead to a grade being assigned on the basis of your completed work. Once assigned, such a grade cannot be changed. Work for courses with grades of "Incomplete" must be completed no later than one year after the course concludes, although instructors may require that work be submitted sooner. If the work is not completed within the designated period of time, the instructor will grade the course on the basis of your completed work, and this grade will be permanent. Extensions will be granted only for documented cases of illness or disability.

Substandard Grades:
The grading policy of the Warner School stipulates that grades of "C" or below are substandard evaluations for matriculated degree students. Master’s degree students who receive a "C" grade will receive a warning; a second grade of "C" will result in the master’s student being involuntarily withdrawn from the degree program. Doctoral degree students who receive one grade of "C" or below will become the subject of a general program faculty discussion, which may result in a recommendation that the student be involuntarily withdrawn from the degree program; a second "C" grade will result in the doctoral student being withdrawn from the degree program. For either master’s or doctoral students, one "E" grade will result in the student being involuntarily withdrawn from the program.

Continuous Enrollment Policy:
The University of Rochester and its graduate schools enforce a Continuous Enrollment Policy that requires that all students enrolled in a degree-bearing program register each fall and spring until they receive their degrees (this policy does not mandate that you register during the summer term). Further, you must complete a minimum of nine (9) credit hours in each fiscal year (summer/fall/spring-in that order). If you matriculated in the fall term, you are required to complete six (6) credit hours in your first year. If you matriculated in the spring term, you are required to complete three (3) credit hours in your first year. If you have less than nine (9) credit hours remaining to complete your program, you may register for ED 899: Master's Thesis (you can use this only twice as a stand-alone registration), ED 999: Doctoral Dissertation (you can use this only four times), ED 895: Continuation of Master's Enrollment, or ED 995: Continuation of Doctoral Enrollment each fall and spring until you complete your degree. Audits do not count toward continuous enrollment. Candidates who do not register for two consecutive semesters, either fall/spring or spring/fall, will be withdrawn from their degree program, effective their last registration date. Warner will make an effort to notify candidates that they have been withdrawn, though notification is not guaranteed.

Program Code: PM8 Printed: 10/20/21