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Warner School Scholarships

The Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester is pleased to offer a number of scholarships to eligible students who enroll in the teacher preparation programs. These scholarships are made possible by federal grants and the generous support of donors, who are committed to the success of future teachers.
Recipients are selected based upon the specific criteria set forth for each scholarship:

Scholarships for students enrolled in any Warner degree program:
GRAE Scholarships
Greater Rochester Area Educator (GRAE) scholarships are designed for local educators, both new and experienced, who wish to pursue a master’s or non-degree certification program on a part-time basis, while remaining employed as a full-time educator. Part-tuition scholarships are available to exceptional area educators who have demonstrated a commitment to serving our community’s children and who show promise and capacity as a change agent and leader in schools.

Rochester Urban Fellows Program/Rochester Youth Year Fellowship Scholarships
A total of 50 part-tuition scholarships, covering one-third of tuition costs, will be awarded to eligible participants applying for admission to the Warner School’s master’s  programs in teaching, educational policy, higher education, counseling, and human development. Students eligible for tuition assistance to the Warner School must earn admission to Warner and have successfully completed the Rochester Urban Fellows Program or the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship.

Designated Leaders Scholarship
The Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester is making an extraordinary commitment to developing the next generation of school leaders. This commitment is based on a simple assumption—that the very best judges of leadership potential are our current leaders. As principals and superintendents, you already have an idea of which faculty members should be tapped to become future school leaders. We believe that our leaders have a responsibility to the profession to encourage those with the greatest potential for effective leadership, and as a school of education, we have the obligation to provide those individuals with the very best preparation program possible.
Dean’s Master’s Scholarships
Generous scholarships are available to any well-qualified student applying to a Warner School master's program.

Scholarships for students enrolled in teacher education programs:

Dean’s Award for Teaching
Beginning in summer 2016, these new scholarships guarantee all new students starting master’s programs in teacher education leading to New York State teaching certification a minimum 50 percent tuition scholarship, provided they commit to teach in a U.S. school for a minimum of two years after graduation.   

Robert Noyce Scholarships
Robert Noyce full-tuition scholarships are available to talented science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) undergraduate majors and STEM professionals, considering a career change to teaching, to become effective science and mathematics teachers serving high-need school districts. All Noyce Scholars participate in Warner’s high-quality, innovative teacher preparation programs leading to teaching certification in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science, and commit to teach in a high-need school for at least two years following graduation.
Fifth Year in Teaching Scholarships (UR undergraduates only)
The Fifth Year in Teaching scholarships are designed to address the needs of urban schools by encouraging qualified University of Rochester undergraduates to become skilled teachers in urban areas. Full-tuition scholarships are awarded to individuals who are able to increase the diversity of the urban teacher population or increase the number of certified teachers in specializations where there are the highest shortages in the Rochester area. Successful applicants are accepted into the Urban Teaching and Leadership (UTL) Program, where they will complete a master’s program in teaching and curriculum leading to NYS Initial and Professional Certification and commit to teach in an urban school for two full academic years following graduation and complete all UTL post-graduation coursework and requirements.
For more information about scholarship opportunities at the Warner School, contact admissions at (585) 275-3950 or admissions@warner.rochester.edu, or visit www.warner.rochester.edu.