Sankofa Communiversity

Sankofa Communiversity

Director/PI: Co-Principal Investigators Joyce Duckles, researcher and associate professor of human development at the Warner School, and George Moses, executive director at NEAD, Inc.

Sankofa Communiversity is an intergenerational, collaborative community of research, scholarship and social activism.

Collaborators: North East Area Development, Inc. (NEAD)

Funding: Funders over the years have included: University of Rochester’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (Community-Based Participatory Research Pipeline-to-Pilot Award) and Susan B. Anthony Center. Sankofa Communiversity continues to seek funding for individuals.

The University of Rochester and a local community-based organization began a collaborative research partnership in 2011 to understand and document the transformation of an urban corner store into a space for building relationships and supporting learning, health, economics and activism within the neighborhood. From this work, the community-university partnership developed an interdependent model of community transformation identifying relational processes within community hubs and transformational pathways across community spaces. In 2018, the team expanded, welcoming seven older adult learners and forming Sankofa Communiversity as an intergenerational collaborative of research, scholarship, and activism. Through deep connections with the neighborhood, this partnership is positioned to address the needs and support the growth of the community as the team intentionally develops pathways of equity and learning by working together as co-researchers, co-implementers, co-authors, and co-activists. Through rigorous, authentic research practices, this project will involve a series of studies conducted by teams of elders, community researchers, youth, faculty and students as they build capacity within the community, train future researchers and educators, and inform policies. Building on the distributed expertise of this diverse team, their research will continue explore the history of the Rochester community, health practices, financial literacies, and engagement with formal and informal learning spaces.

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