Horizons at Warner: Enrichment program for Rochester City School District students in grades K-8

Horizons at Warner: Enrichment program for Rochester City School District students in grades K-8

Director/PI: Julia Postler

An enrichment program that engages K-8 Rochester City School District students in meaningful and authentic learning experiences through a six-week summer program on campus and ongoing engagement throughout the year. 

Collaborators: Horizons National
Rochester City School District

Funding: Individual donations, foundation grants

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About Horizons at Warner
Horizons at Warner is a six-week, full-day summer enrichment program at the University of Rochester. The primary focus is to engage K-8 Rochester City School District students in meaningful and authentic learning experiences in a non-traditional school setting. The program is designed to allow our new entering kindergarten class each summer to attend for nine successive summers of high-quality academics blended with arts, sports, cultural enrichment, field trips and confidence-building activities. Each student selects a hobby group for sustained interactions through activities such as sewing, bookmaking, tennis, piano, robotics, organic gardening, dance and photography. The close relationships developed between families and Horizons staff, along with engaging instructional approaches, help lead city students in the program to reach their fullest potential. Horizons at Warner is made possible through the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals throughout the Greater Rochester area.

Horizons National affiliate
Founded in 1964, Horizons National has become a network of 22 program sites representing 10 states in the nation and serving thousands of students. On average, Horizons students tend to improve 3 months in reading skills each summer and are far more likely to graduate from high school and attend college than they would be without the strong foundational support of Horizons. All of Horizons students learn to swim, an important skill that saves lives and builds confidence. Horizons at Warner is a winner of the 2010 Excellence in Summer Learning Award from the National Summer Learning Association. Horizons National also earned recognition from the Wallace Foundation as one of the premier summer learning programs in the nation.


  • Prevent summer decline in students' school performance
  • Improve students' school attendance
  • Improve children's social and interpersonal skills
  • Provide a safe summer experience
  • Build self-esteem, resourcefulness and self-advocacy
  • Raise children's and parent's educational expectations and aspirations
  • Encourage parents to become involved in their children's education and activities

Program features

  • Two certified teachers and a teacher's assistant for every 15 students
  • Swim lessons four times a week
  • Daily inquiry-based explorations integrating reading, math, and writing skills
  • Multi-age learning groups
  • Educational field trips every week
  • Two nutritious meals and snacks each day
  • Hobby groups twice a week
  • Parent workshops
  • Family Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Saturdays once a month during the school year

Partnership highlights

  • Creates a deep and abiding partnership with the public school system and the community
  • Enhances the quality of university students' experiences by serving as a demonstration site in the preparation of teachers
  • Allows university faculty and graduate students to work side by side as educators
  • Promotes research-based innovations for education
  • Serves as a site for teachers and graduate students to explore innovative teaching methods

Learn more about Horizons at Warner by contacting Executive Director Julia Postler at (585) 484-9580 or jpostler@warner.rochester.edu. Horizons is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which depends on the generosity of foundations, individual donors, special event income and in-kind donations to sustain the program.



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