Research evidence in struggling schools

Director/PI: Kara Finnigan (Joint Principal Investigator with Alan Daly, University of California, San Diego)

This study explores the organizational learning processes of schools designated as needing improvement under No Child Left Behind, focusing on the acquisition and use of different types of research evidence as part of that learning process, as well as the extent to which social networks support or constrain these school improvement efforts.

Collaborators: Rochester City School District and San Diego Unified School District

Funding: $342,246, William T. Grant Foundation

Related Projects: Understanding organizational network structure to understand school improvement under No Child Left Behind, funded by the Spencer Foundation.

Research will explore how urban systems and high schools in need of improvement under accountability policy sanctions diagnose problems; identify strategies; and define, acquire, use and diffuse research evidence. This study will be the first in-depth longitudinal examination of schools in corrective action in two regions of the United States representing two distinct types of urban districts. The study has implications for urban districts across the nation as the number of schools in need of improvement continues to multiply.

Tags: Kara Finnigan, No Child Left Behind, Rochester City School District