History of Scandling Lectures

The Scandling Lecture Series, named to honor the generosity of William F. Scandling, brings to campus noted researchers, policymakers, and professional educators from throughout the world who contribute their insights and exchange ideas with faculty, students, and alumni at the Warner School, as well as colleagues in the University and the local education community.

Carol Lee
Northwestern University
"Every Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep
Culture, Cognition, and Human Development as Systemic Foundations for Addressing Equity in Educational Outcomes"

William G. Tierney
University of Southern California
“From High School to College: What We Know and What We Don’t Know about Increasing Access to College for Low-income Youth”

Shirley Brice Heath
Sanford University and Brown University
"Making Voluntary Expertise Count: Embedding, Envisioning, and Enlisting Adolescent Literacy"

Gloria Ladson-Billings
“Pushing Past the Achievement Gap”

Harry Brighouse
University of Wisconsin, Madison
“Evaluating School Reform: What Values Should We Use, and How Should We Use Them?”

Geneva Gay
University of Washington, Seattle
“Teaching to the Realities of U.S. Social Ideals”

James Gee
University of Wisconsin, Madison
“Video Games, Learning, and Literacy”

Michael Apple
University of Wisconsin, Madison
“Markets, Standards, and Inequity in Education”

Celia Oyler
Teachers College, Columbia University

Nel Noddings
Stanford University
"The Essential Role of Public Education in a Democracy"

Glenda Lappen
Michigan State University
“Let’s Make It Happen: What Exemplary Curricula and Professional Development Can Contribute to School Reform”

Andy Hargreaves
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
“Emotional Geographies of Teaching: The Key to Standards and Quality”

Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Boston College
“The Future of Teacher Education: Questions that Matter”

Frederick Erickson
University of California, Los Angeles
“Possibilities and Limits in the Use of Video and Multimedia to Represent Teaching Practice”

Warren Crichlow Ed.D. ‘92
York University, Toronto
“Role Models, Heroes, and the Inconsolability of Teaching Education”

Joe Kincheloe
CUNY-Brooklyn College and Penn State University
“The Standards Debate: Implementing Standards of Complexity”

Gary Anderson
University of New Mexico
“The Politics of Democratic Leadership”

Sharon Nelson LeGall
University of Pittsburgh
“Conceptualizing Risk and Protective Factors for African-American Children’s Academic Achievement: Home and School Contexts for Conflict”

Kenneth Strike
Cornell University
“National Goals and Local Control: Are There Liberty Interests Inconsistent with Centralized Goal Formation?”

Jean Lave
University of California, Berkeley
“The Practice of Learning”

Heinz Sunker
Wuppertal University, Germany
“Democratic Education and Ethics in a Post-Auschwitz World”

Deborah Britzman
York University
“Towards a Polymorphous Perverse Curriculum: On the Problem with Sex Education”