Imagining the Future of Research

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Our faculty, students, staff, alumni and community partners are passionate about broadening our understanding of the world through innovative research. Together, they generate and disseminate knowledge leading to new understandings of education and human development across the lifespan, on which more effective educational, social and equitable policies and practices can be grounded.

Research priorities

Students working on research

Develop greater internal capacity to secure external funding to support research efforts, leveraging current funding priorities and equitable opportunities.
  • Engage in a self-study of the motivations and barriers to faculty pursuing and securing external funding to support research efforts. Develop strategies to reduce barriers and to increase incentives/ motivation for this pursuit.
  • Focus on a greater research infrastructure for faculty and students, which will include initiating a pilot funding mechanism, faculty development workshops, internal conferences for sharing work, one- on-one research mentoring, and increased dissemination of Warner scholarship.
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Foster interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships across the university to identify and pursue new and synergistic research opportunities.
  • Coordinate with other research and education departments (iZone, CETL, CEL, Career Center, MAG, VP of Research, URMC, etc.) to develop synergistic events to foster interdisciplinary collaborations across the university and to encourage the exploration of research ideas that can lead to new and synergistic opportunities.
  • Coordinate/collaborate with others in the university around research issues specifically focused on anti-racism and anti-oppression.