Imagining the Future of Preparing Practitioners & Researchers

students and teachers in a classroom

Our educational programs prepare and support both new and experienced practitioners and researchers who are empirically knowledgeable, reflective, skilled, and equity minded. Our students learn to work as caring educators who can bridge research, theory, and practice, and serve as leaders of systemic change efforts.

Preparing practitioners and researchers

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Review and evaluate Warner’s academic profile of programs; consider program elements with an equity lens and ensure high-quality learning experiences. 
  • Make short-term decisions and long-term plans about what courses to move/leave online to maximize Warner students’ access, success, and satisfaction. Conduct market research and engage multiple stakeholders in this decision-making process (e.g., faculty, students, and alumni) by gathering insights via a “customer discovery” approach, in support of moving additional programs to fully online. 
  • Align, and make widely available, research opportunities for doctoral and masters students to enhance our educational programs. 
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Attract highly motivated, diverse applicants through the development of a supportive environment that meets the learning needs of all students.
  • Provide students supportive services designed to engage them more actively throughout their time at Warner, from their first experience in our classes, to when they become alumni. One way we will do this is by launching specific initiatives focusing on inclusion (i.e. affinity groups).
  • Examine our financial aid process and explore ways to expand scholarship opportunities, including seeking additional external funding and gifts to support scholarships for diverse applicants.