Imagining the Future of Equity & Inclusion

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Warner is dedicated to fostering and living as an anti-oppressive learning community. 

Equity and inclusion

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Increase access for our diverse students

Continue to explore ways to increase access to programs, learning opportunities, and research for our diverse students, as well as efforts to support their success; increase access to opportunities at Warner more broadly, through various stakeholders’ recommendations. 
  • Engage in a process to evaluate who has access and is being served by Warner programs, learning opportunities, and research to identify and then strategize how Warner connects with, supports, and engages with the community at large. This can include the creation of affinity groups to facilitate access and engagement. 
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Action Plan written in the Fall 2020.
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Attract diverse researchers, educators, and staff

Attract talented, diverse researchers, educators, and staff to Warner to continually re-energize the Warner mission/vision and embody the ideals illustrated by our priorities. 
  • Explore possible “flexible” arrangements that may help us recruit a more diverse faculty (ex: some “distance” arrangements and/or positions shared with other institutions). Explore affiliate/secondary appointments.
  • Identify and track (progress) the anti-racist and anti-oppressive work related to policies, practices, curricula and climate; and specifically provide additional faculty development and staff development on anti-racism.