Imagining the Future of Community Engagement

Community memebers standing together with snow falling

Community engagement at Warner, both locally and nationally, is shaped by relationships with multiple types of partners that are thoughtful, respectful, and reciprocal. We view partnership as entailing a process in which all members bring shared vision, goals, and commitment; working together to exchange ideas, knowledge, expertise, resources, and decision-making to address issues of public concern.

Community engagement

Students planting a garden

Position Warner as the premier resource to support educational and community institutions (K-12 schools, higher education, and community agencies) to co-construct responses to the most pressing equity issues of public concern. 
  • As we recognize that learners have realized negative consequences from the pandemic (e.g., learning losses, mental health/ trauma, etc.), we want to help support educators and educational systems in designing a “new normal,” utilizing digital learning and technology-based strategies, in identifying and scaling new opportunities that arise as part of this “new normal.” 
  • Leadership development: Increase outreach efforts; partnering Educational Leadership program and the Center to proactively identify initiatives. 
  • Support the development and implementation of anti-racist and anti-oppressive curriculum and policy development training and education. 
2 warner students in a community market

Foster and support more integrated community engagement efforts. Learn and understand the needs and provide opportunities to invite more community members into our programs, our classrooms, and our research as teachers, learners, researchers, and key stakeholders.
  • Develop a process to inventory the work we are currently doing in the community and understand elements of success in community engaged research, partnership, and education.
  • Develop a communications plan utilizing existing channels to increase awareness of community engagement efforts and opportunities.