Imagining the Future of Warner

Lechase hall in background, statue of martin brewer anderson, rochester’s first president, in foreground

The Warner School of Education is creating a vision for the future that is transformative and inclusive in our planning and decision-making for the future of our educational programs, research and community partnerships. Our priorities will lie in five interwoven domains: research, community engagement, preparing practitioners and researchers, equity and inclusion, and organizational environment. The priorities will help define and articulate Warner’s goals and shape who and what we want to become, as well as hold ourselves and others accountable for results, all while embodying Warner’s mission as a research school of education.

Priority areas

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Our researchers and scholars are passionate faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community partners who broaden our understanding of the world through innovative research. Together, they generate and disseminate knowledge leading to new understandings of education and human development across the lifespan, on which more effective educational, social, and equitable policies and practices can be grounded. 

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Community engagement

Community engagement at Warner, both locally and nationally, is shaped by relationships with multiple types of partners that are thoughtful, respectful, and reciprocal. We view partnership as entailing a process in which all members bring shared vision, goals, and commitment; working together to exchange ideas, knowledge, expertise, resources, and decision-making to address issues of public concern. 

teacher with three young students at desks

Preparing practitioners and researchers

Our departmental programs prepare and support both new and experienced practitioners and researchers who are empirically knowledgeable, reflective, skilled, and equity-minded. Our students learn to work as caring educators who can bridge research, theory and practice, and serve as agents and leaders of systemic change efforts. 

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Equity and inclusion

Warner is dedicated to fostering and living as an anti-oppressive learning community.  

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Organizational environment

The organizational environment — defined by school- and university-wide policies, procedures, and processes — shapes and impacts our climate and culture.