LeChase hall cover-19 updates

Frequently Asked Questions | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All Warner School of Education Summer and Fall 2020 are taking place online.

For the latest updates, visit the University of Rochester’s COVID-19 website for important updates and guidance on working, teaching, and learning remotely.  You may also subscribe to @Rochester to get a daily update from the University.
Below is a list of frequently asked questions for current and prospective students. If you can’t find an answer that you’re looking for, please e-mail DeansOffice@warner.rochester.edu.

What should I do if I think I have been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19?
We recognize that the situation regarding coronavirus is causing anxiety for all of us in the University community. The University is maintaining a page with detailed information on COVID-19 and suggestions for what to do if you believe you have been exposed to or have symptoms

Are counseling services still available through the University?
While the University Counseling Center (UCC) has ceased in-office therapy sessions, effective March 20, 2020, as per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the center is offering virtual therapy sessions to full-time students in the Rochester area. For students who reside outside the Rochester area, you can search ThrivingCampus.com to identify a therapist in your area. If you have someone you are concerned about, UCC is available for consult 24/7 or you can use the CARE Network to help someone get connected to all the support and UR services they need. For more information, please visit the University Counseling Center website or contact UCC at (585) 275-3113.
Is the school open? Can I come to LeChase Hall? 
The Warner School of Education is open, but students are not permitted in LeChase Hall until further notice, in accordance with the executive order from the Governor for all non-essential businesses to close to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Online classes and work will continue, as all Warner faculty and staff work remotely and communicate by phone, email, and Zoom with each other and students. 

Will Summer classes be online?
We remain committed to enabling you to begin or continue to make progress toward program completion. Accordingly, all Warner 2020 Summer session courses will be delivered fully online (i.e., Summer A, Summer A+B, and Summer B). We are fortunate to house the Center for Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA), a research and professional development center that works with educators at all levels to support high-quality learning opportunities that capitalize on digital technologies. We have been working and will continue to work proactively with LiDA to transition our summer courses to harness technology in their design and incorporate best practices in online learning.

Will Fall semester classes be online?
The Fall 2020 academic semester will begin as planned on August 26 and will run through December 9. Warner has decided to move all instruction online for the fall term. Classes are being designed to meet learning goals for each course using synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction and will occur at the times and dates indicated on the school’s Fall 2020 course schedule. Warner students who have already registered for the fall do not need to take any additional steps. Those who have not registered are strongly urged to do so to help with planning. If you have any registration questions, please visit the Warner School Registration website or contact registrar@warner.rochester.edu for support. See the June 19 email from the Warner School Dean's Office: Education Reimagined for Fall – Warner Online
What do I need for my online courses?
Many of our students and faculty have had prior experience in online teaching and learning, but we realize that not everyone has used this technology in an educational setting. It’s best to be in a quiet room, free of loud noises and distractions, when class is in session. For online instruction, you will need to make sure you have access to BlackBoard and Zoom videoconferencing software. University ITS and our Department of Online Education have developed information on preparing for remote teaching, learning, and working and for transitioning traditional courses to online courses. If you have any technical difficulty or need support, you may contact Warner IT Support at support@warner.rochester.edu or blackboard@warner.rochester.edu, or you can call or send a text to 585-270-1870. 

Will internships and field placements continue in the Fall?
While we do not yet have all the answers for Fall, we will continue to monitor and work creatively and in close collaboration with the state education department, schools, and organizations to structure all off-site teaching and learning (e.g., meaningful internships and field experiences) so they are as safe as possible and provide rich learning experiences.
Can we still have access to resources, like River Campus Libraries? 
While the libraries as a physical space will be closed, the education librarian for the Warner School, Eileen Daly-Boas, has been working with the entire River Campus Libraries’ staff to make sure that Warner faculty and students have the materials, technical skills, and the support needed for classes. For assistance and/or more information, contact Warner's librarian, Eileen Daly-Boas, at edaly@library.rochester.edu, by phone 585-236-4145, or through the Research Guide for Education. Warner School faculty and staff will continue to offer student resources, including RSRB training, Writing Support Services, and library resources/services, etc., on a virtual basis.
When is registration for the summer and fall semesters?
Our summer sessions will run as scheduled online. Registration for summer 2020 courses is currently open. We hope that we will be able to operate under normal circumstances for fall 2020, including our new student and international student orientations. Registration for fall 2020 courses has been pushed back to April 13 for matriculated students and July 7 for non-matriculated students. 
Will doctoral dissertation proposals and defenses continue?
All PhD and EdD dissertation proposals and final defenses will continue, but must take place remotely using Zoom. Your sponsor will identify and communicate to all participants who will serve in this capacity. Your committee and Warner IT Support team will work hard to make conducting your defense as seamless as possible. Contact Warner IT Support for assistance: support@warner.rochester.eduor 585-270-1870. 
Will doctoral dissertation research continue? 
Defenses, analysis of existing data, and writing can continue, but data collection with human subjects has been put on pause.  See the March 23 email from the Office of Human Subject Protection for further information
Will I be able to graduate?
We continue to work tirelessly to ensure that all of our students progress in their programs and stay on track for degree completion. Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions about your program or progress. They may not have an immediate answer, but they will investigate it and get back to you.

How will grading be handled for current classes?
Confronting COVID-19 has prompted educators at all levels to reconsider their grading practices for the semester. As a temporary measure, students enrolled in Warner courses will now have the option to be assigned Satisfactory/Failure (S/E) grades in lieu of our traditional letter grades (A-E). Our decision to provide this option is based on our desire to foster student learning, and counter, in some way, the anticipated disruption to students’ academic, professional, and personal lives. See Dean Brent’s March 24 email for additional information on how to request a change to S/E grades
Will commencement ceremonies take place in May?
The University made the decision to cancel all on-campus commencement celebrations for May. We are looking into alternate ways to celebrate commencement this year. While it may not be in the way our graduates envisioned, we are committed to honoring all of our graduates and celebrating this major milestone. More details will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, we welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas for making this special for everyone. Please email your hopes and wishes to Dean Brian Brent at DeansOffice@warner.rochester.edu.
How can I get food if I need assistance?
If you are still on campus, Dining Services is operating on a limited schedule with take-out options. In addition, there is a food pantry at Wilson Commons for students. All community members can use Foodlink's 'How to find food' map.

Do graduate students need to leave their housing?
Graduate students are in very different circumstances than undergraduates. Many of you call your current graduate housing or residence off-campus home, many of you are international students, and many of you need to conduct research. Therefore, graduate students and postdocs can and should remain in graduate housing or in current residences off-campus. If you live in campus housing, your stay is guaranteed through the semester and the terms of the lease remain in force. For summer, plans will be announced as soon as possible by the University. Check back for the latest updates on graduate housing for all University graduates and postdocs.
How will the various grading policies this term impact prospective students’ application process?
In a March 30 message, Melissa Sturge-Apple, vice provost and University dean of graduate education, offers guidance and support to prospective graduate students. “On behalf of those in charge of graduate admissions at Rochester, across schools and programs, I want to assure you that we recognize this impact and also understand that colleges and universities across the globe are implementing various grading policies this term that may affect prospective students’ cumulative GPAs. All of these factors will be considered in evaluating applications. We encourage prospective students in include in their personal statements special circumstances as well as achievements that may not be apparent due to modified grading polices.” Read the full message. If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@warner.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3950.
Will the April 15 application deadline be extended for fall/summer admission?
The upcoming deadline of April 15 for admission to the Warner School has not changed at this time. All master’s, certificate, and EdD applicants are encouraged to apply by the April 15 deadline in order to begin graduate study in the summer/fall. The admission team and faculty program chairs are working closely to continue thoughtful review of applications for the summer and fall 2020 semesters, including interviews that will be conducted by Zoom videoconferencing software. If you do not have access to a device that supports Zoom, you are welcome to interview by phone instead. Please visit the Warner School Admissions webpage for more information or contact the Admission Office with any questions or concerns regarding the application process at admissions@warner.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3950.
How can I submit a bias-related incident report?
COVID-19 affects everyone. It is a global pandemic and does not discriminate by country, nor does it discriminate by gender, race, ethnicity, or age. In the event that students experience or observe a bias-related incident, they are encouraged to submit a referral to the CARE team. CARE is committed to supporting the student(s) of concern. If you know of an incident motivated by national origin, race, ethnicity, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation of the targeted person or group, please fill out a Bias-Related Incident Report. Visit the CARE Network website for more information or to submit a report.
How can I get more information or the latest updates from the Warner School?
As new information arises regarding the spread of COVID-19, we will assess and announce any changes our community can expect regarding class delivery format and business operations as soon as possible. You can expect to hear updates as they become available via email from the Dean’s Office, the Admissions Office, and on this COVID-19 FAQ webpage.