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Writing Workshop - Writing Short Proposals for Papers and Conferences


Video Chronicles Horizons at Warner Summer Enrichment Program

Horizons is a six week summer enrichment program for K-8 Rochester city school students that is run by the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester. The program is focused on keeping students engaged in core subjects such as reading, math and science during the summer months by blending lessons with activities in art, sports, cultural enrichment and field trips. The program not only helps to prevent summer decline in enrolled students, but also offers an opportunity to graduate students at the Warner School to gain additional hands-on experience working with kids of various ages in a non-traditional academic setting.

This program run by the Warner School is the first in the nation to be held on a university campus. Lynn Gatto, Executive Director of Horizons and Acting Director of Elementary Education at the Warner School, says that the program is designed to expose students to the college environment with the goal of seeing them continue their education beyond high school.

For more information on Horizons at Warner, visit www.warner.rochester.edu/newsevents/story/977/.

View the video on Youtube.

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